Pgce- primary teaching

Write an article on pgce- primary teaching Paper must be at least 500 words. Personal ment College: Personal ment Education is paramount to every child’s future. It is my ambition to contribute in the creation of a brighter tomorrow for them. I am graduating with an undergraduate degree in advertising, PR and Media. It is my consideration that my qualifications and work experience might be of interest to the school.It is my ambition to pursue a profession in teaching. I am particularly interested in the position as it would enable me gain experience in an educational environment with the opportunities for professional growth and development that this brings. In addition to my vocational qualifications in advertising, PR and Media, I would make to the position a proven ability to deal successfully and tactfully with children and colleagues.Although my course does not involve a subject in the national curriculum, I still possess a basis for primary teaching. Throughout my course, I have had to write advertisements and participate in field practical that have enhanced my communication skills. I can replicate this training in a classroom setting to capture children’s attention and have them respond appropriately.The nature of my advertising, PR and Media degree course has prepared me adequately for this position as there are areas that aid my understanding people’s thought processes when presented with information. Media training and advertisement has helped me understand the mechanics of communicating with wide and varied age groups. The learned PR skills will come handy in understanding children and develop strategies to aid learning.In addition to my strong theoretical basis for the course, I obtained practical experience for teaching. While on a three-week placement abroad, I observed that a teachers approach to the class has a far reaching effect on the learner’s ability. For example, a teacher often changed the ways he taught a class to maintain the interest of the children in those activities. She encouraged and celebrated children who were experiencing difficulties in certain activities. The motivation spurred them to try harder, and they succeeded in many cases. Her positive attitude reflected in children, giving them confidence in themselves hence an active learning environment.I had the opportunity to guide the class in story telling which preceded an ICT lesson that would require class discussions. It was evident that some children are happy to participate in this environment while others were not quite as keen. It is, therefore, imperative that teaching practitioners design strategies that would encourage all children to take part.I perform well in a team, and I believe that I adequately demonstrated the ability to converse and fit in with staff at all levels in the school setting. I enjoyed being part of the team, and it is an area in which I hope to grow further.From the experience I gained, and it is apparent to me that I want to work with children in a school set up. It is my hope that my guidance will make a positive impact on their lives in the academics and overall life. I trust that I possess the skills necessary to make an exemplary teacher, such as leadership, resourcefulness, and communication.

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