Physiological Effects in a Promotion Process

by | Oct 15, 2021 | Assignment

Complete 13 pages APA formatted article: The Psychological and Physiological Effects in a Promotion Process in an Engineering Industry. A technical manager should have technical skills as well as management skills. It is not necessary that all the excellent engineers may become excellent managers. A technical manager should be able to implement the right strategy at the right time. Instead of going after the emerging technologies blindly, he should be able to apply a blend of proven older methods with the unproven emerging technologies. Problem-solving, risk-taking, decision making, flexibility in approaches, excellent communication skills, etc are some of the basic qualities required for a technical manager at present. The right decisions taken at the right time and implemented properly will help a manager to avoid problems. Some people believe that the responsibilities of a manager are simple compared to the responsibilities of workers because of the lack of physical works normally the managers perform. In fact, managers are undergoing severe mental stress in safeguarding the interests of the management and the workers. They are acting as a bridge between the workers and the management of the company. The management and the employees may have contrasting interests quite often and it is the duty of the manager to manage the problems without hurting the interests of either the employees or the management. Because of such herculean tasks, they may often undergo severe stress. The role of a technical manager is even complicated than the role of a normal manager. Normal managers quiet often focusing on improving their management skills whereas a technical manager has to improve both the management skills as well as technical skills. Responsibilities of a technical manager include: learning how to motivate and exercise authority, understanding one’s own strengths and weaknesses, reconciling one’s own expectations with those of others, and finally, coping with new stresses.

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