PICO – Evidence-Based Practice

by | Jan 18, 2021 | College (1-2), Nursing, Presentation

Provide a clear and in-depth statement of what PICO is. What is your PICO question? Why is the use of PICO relevant to nursing practice? This may be a comparison of interventions but does not have to be.

Pick a topic of interest related to patient care. Explain why this is a topic of interest to “you”. Provide a written and verbal description of the topic of interest chosen.

Conduct scholarly research on the topic of interest. Choose a minimum of four (4) scholarly research-based articles on the topic of interest in preparation for the presentation. No more than 5 years old.

Answer the 5 questions in relationship to the topic of interest:
1. Is this intervention effective for patient care and why?
2. Is this a cost-effective intervention for patient care?
3. Is this intervention “patient-friendly” and provide Pros and/or Cons for the intervention.
4. What teaching is relevant with the use of this intervention?
5. How is this intervention measured or evaluated in nursing practice for effectiveness?
The student must give statistics to back up the conclusion.

Research citations must be in APA format

Example of PowerPoint format attached.

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