Please use the attached lesson plan template to prepare a picture book lesson plan that could be used in an Ontario Kindergarten, Junior or Primary classroom. The lesson plan will be based on a picture book that focuses on at least one area of Indigenous content explored in class (or another topic discussed with the instructor).

Your picture book lesson plan will focus on Literacy and connect to one or more areas of the Ontario Elementary Curriculum (e.g. Social Studies, Math, Science & Technology, Healthy and Physical Ed etc).

Your lesson should demonstrate your ability to weave Indigenous world views, perspectives, and contents into teaching and learning.

I have attached a few book lists. There are many great books out there that you might want to explore further.

If you are unsure if your lesson plan is ready to be submitted, always remember to consider the following: would a random teacher be able to pick up your lesson plan and implement it the way that you had envisioned? If not, go back and add explanations and more details!

Make sure that you reference all the resources you have used when preparing your lesson plan. For sample lesson plans, please check out this excellent Social Justice Picture Book page