Pipeline should not be built

Compose a 1750 words essay on Pipeline Should not be built. emission, such as emission of carbon dioxide gas, and notes that these effects could have effects on whether the Keystone XL pipeline is constructed or not. It offers a basis for opposing the pipeline building by identifying harm that the pipeline can cause on the environment through increasing greenhouse gas emission.The article explains potential effects of Keystone XL construction on the environment and also extends to other scopes of the construction such as review of the project, process of presidential approval, objective of the construction, transportation of oil in the nation, and alternatives to pipeline. Its identified risks of the pipeline construction explains possible adverse effects of the construction and adds to the opposing views.The author explains safety of the proposed pipeline construction and assumes the position that approval of pipeline will not have adverse effects on people. it offers direct support to the construction.The author reports on and analyzes data opinions on presidential approval application for construction of the CanadaPipeline. It however assumes a neutral approach and allows for critical analysis of popularity and associated risks of the proposed pipeline.TransCanada Pipeline is a system of pipelines that facilitate transportation of gas in Canada. The pipeline system is specially designed to withstand pressure and has as thick as diameters of more than one peters. The system is widely spread through Canada and the organization that manages the pipeline, TransCanada Corp, has applied for permit to extend its system of pipelines into the United States. The application is currently waiting for the presidential approval after which operations can commence after two years. The decision on whether to approve the pipeline corporation or not has been a subject of speculation with some opinions supporting its approval while others have disapproved of it. This paper argues that he pipeline corporation should not be approved

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