Plato’s the Allegory of the cave

Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Please write an in which you address the following question concerning Plato’s The Allegory of the Cave. Plato opens by talking about the extend to which we are enlightened. What is the effect on our enlightened of the allegory he presents.The allegory discusses a situation in the first scene where there are people seated in a cave staring into an empty wall. Behind them is a huge fire and in between the fire and the people is a pathway through which many people use. The people do not have the ability to see the people passing but can see the shadows formed on the wall (Soccio 134).According to the people seated in the cave, the images are real and nothing whatsoever can change their minds. This is set to imply knowledge in the contemporary environment. Over the years, people have had a difference in the access to education. There are those that have had the opportunity to attend decent schools and have had a good education while there are those who have got as far as a certain grade. The images portrayed on the wall are just but illusions and not the reality and this is as far as the people seated in the cave understand. They represent the few that never completed education and thus their knowledge only gets so far.In the allegory, he explains that the extent to which people are enlightened determines a lot on the day-to-day choices that people make and consequently affects their general life. According to Plato, most human beings tend to remain content with everything that they understand and do not have the urge to gain more understanding of the contemporary environment. The amount of knowledge is necessary in that people gain a perspective of the social and political systems. If people only understand the general senses of touch and sight but do not possess further knowledge, they would never understand the system in terms of justice and the concept of love that would make the world more habitable.Using the analogy that Plato expresses, there is the second scene where the people seated in the cave move from there and gain the ability to see the real humans passing on the pathway. This change from seeing shadows to seeing real people is the

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