Podiatric surgery

Write a 9 pages paper on podiatric surgery. The focus of this essay is a discussion of the changes and reforms in NHS which led to the creation of this surgical specialty within the realm of podiatry and assessment of the general qualifications of surgical podiatrists as compared to orthopedic surgeons.The NHS Improvement plan has had a dramatic impact on the field of podiatry as it has recognized a new surgical specialty within the field that allows a podiatrist who has not attended traditional medical school to specialize in a surgical field pertaining to the primary discipline involving disorders of the foot. The NHS has acted within its capacity as a regulatory body to mandate such changes. it has also a supervisory role in the establishment of a curriculum and training regimen with uniform standards that are uniformly enforced to ensure that the surgical discipline is enhanced by professionals that are highly trained specialists within the field of podiatry.. The integration of podiatric surgery as a new specialty was afforded early support in 1985 by the SCP and the State Board. In 1987 a surgical interest group was formed within the SCP that included members of the PA. The internal market providing funding opportunities in 1990 and a growing sentiment discouraging monopolies within the medical profession created a climate favoring the development of this new surgical specialty.The PA campaigned effectively to bring about the surgical specialty in podiatric medicine by emphasizing the potential benefits to standard of care and cost-effectiveness afforded by the podiatric surgical specialty. The PA argued that a highly focused surgical specialty within podiatry would contribute to a high standard of patient care, greater accessibility to care, and greater cost-effectiveness overall. These arguments were compelling as the NHS was embarked on a strategic plan to minimize hospitalization costs and increase accessibility.

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