Polymerization of styrene

Polymerization of styrene initiated by benzoyl peroxide (BPO) is performed in bulk at 60 oC. Termination occurs via radical coupling. [BPO] = 0.04 molL-1, ? (density of styrene at 60 oC) = 0.887 g mL-1. f = 0.8 kd = 2.0 × 10-6 s-1 kp = 176 Lmol-1s-1 kt = 3.6 ×107 Lmol-1 s-13.1) Draw schemes describing the reactions involved in the polymerization (initiation, propagation and termination). Draw schemes explaining the initiation efficiency (f) is lower than 100%. 3.2) How long it will take to consume half of the initiator? 3.3) What is the degree of polymerization for the final polymers, if chain transfer reactions are NOT considered? 3.4) At the end of the polymerization, the system contains 1% monomers in the solid of final product (polystyrene). How to remove the monomers for the purification.

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