Pope john xxiii

Write an assignment on the topic pope john xxiii. This election was much surprising for Roncalli himself than for anyone else, as he had arrived in Rome having a return ticket for train to Venice. In the history of over 500 years, he has been the first pope to assume the papal name of “John” after he got elected.

Having the position of nuncio, Roncalli rendered services during the course of Holocaust in World War II for saving the lives of refugees, most of which were Jews, from being the victims of Nazis. His efforts included the following:Many more of his achievements have been listed in various academic records and research papers. The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation was successful in launching the International Campaign for the Acknowledgement of the humanitarian actions on September 7, 2000, which was conducted by Vatican Nuncio Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli for the people, the majority of whom were Jews and Nazi regime persecuted them.

Pope John XXIII undertook to end the portrayal of Jews as “perfidious” or disloyal in the liturgy of Good Friday as one of the prioritized acts. This issue was addressed by him in the first Good Friday liturgy in his preaching at time when he came across a celebrant who referred to the Jews with that word for the first time. Pope also confessed the Church regarding the anti-Semitism as sin all through the period of centuries. The word faithless was removed from the conversion prayer of Jews in the 1960. Later, it was revised so as to be read something else (Walters, Kerry). During the time when Vatican II was held, Cardinal Augustin Bea was tasked by John XXIII for the production of various significant documents relating to the settlement with Jews.

John XXIII, during the year 1963, formed a committee comprising of six non-theologians for the investigation of the details on birth control. A prohibitive view regarding the usage of contraceptives was expressed by him in the encyclical Mater et Magistra issued on May 15, 1961.

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