Popeyes singapore

Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Popeyes Singapore.This just cost me eight dollars. I was so impressed by the chicken since it was huge, deep fried and well marinated. This is the best service one would ever get.One important thing noted is concerning the service. it seems to be a little slow since it took me time before our turn for placing my order and waiting for it to be served. May be that is an area they can work on. I however understand since it was very crowded, and the waiters do not seem to be many. I really enjoyed my meal, and that will be a place I can recommend to a friend for the best Popeyes in Singapore.The Popeyes menu items have a special flair of southern style preparation and have a unique cooking style. Various items in the menu include bonafide chicken, tenders, seafood, sandwiches and wraps, live well, family and kid’s meals,signature sides, signature sauces, desserts and beverages. The positioning of the shop is strategic, and that is why it attracts so many customers. It is the best place to get any of the items listed above, and I guarantee you will not be disappointed by the service. It is evident that Ang Mo Kio shop offers good services since the place gets crowded in demand for the foods. I think the management should think about expanding the shop more and bringing in more labor force to ensure that services are effective and

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