Portfolio Project Option #2: Public Opinion Poll

by | Feb 7, 2021 | College (3-4), Communication

Imagine you are a research associate with the Pew Research Center. As part of the promotion process to the senior research associate, you have been asked to demonstrate your skills by developing a consumer research project to study people’s attitudes/beliefs toward or knowledge of a(n) issue, policy, or idea of your choice.

Your job here is to:
Develop and execute a public opinion poll with 18-20 questions on a(n) issue, policy, or idea of your choice using Google Forms. (can be found in one of the attachments I have submitted)

Analyze survey results using descriptive and inferential statistics.

Create basic visualizations based on your data.

Present your research findings in a written report and in PowerPoint slides.


Written Report (200 points): This report should provide an overview of what you have done in your survey and highlight the important findings. The report should contain the following sections:

Introduction: Provide a brief overview of the research project. Describe what issue, policy, or idea you are focusing on and establish the rationale behind your choice.

Main topics: Describe the main topics that you will examine in the context of this issue, policy, or idea in the survey. You do not need to discuss the specific survey questions here. Rather, focus on the broader topics and themes that you will address in the questionnaire.

Method: Describe your sampling method and provide the demographic information of your sample.

Key findings: Discuss key findings from data analysis. What did the data you collected through this survey tell you about people’s attitudes/beliefs toward or knowledge of a(n) issue, policy, or idea? You must use statistics and data visualizations to support your points in this section.

Conclusion: Provide a brief conclusion to summarize your research and wrap up your report.

Appendix: Attach a printout of your online survey and include it at the end of your report.

Your paper should be 5-7 pages in length, not including the title, reference, and appendix pages, with a minimum of five references. Make sure your writing conforms to the CSU Global Writing Center. The CSU Global Library is a good place to find these references.

PowerPoint Slides (100 points): Your objective with the PowerPoint slides is to tell a compelling story based on your research project. The slides should not simply be a visual summary or a complete regurgitation of your written report. Rather, pick and choose some interesting aspects or information from your survey research to create a story that has a beginning, middle, and end. You are required to use statistics and data visualizations to support your arguments, but the key objective here is to demonstrate your storytelling skills. You are not expected to present the slides.

Your presentation should be 10-15 slides in length and include a slide with references formatted in APA style.

Please see attachments for previously submitted assignments that contain most of the information requested. I do not have PowerPoint slides though.

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