Portrait of Augustus of Primaporta

Need an argumentative essay on Portrait of Augustus of Primaporta. Needs to be 1 pages. Through this sculpture, Augustus meant to publicize his relationship with Athen’s authority and supremacy. Simultaneously, he meant to proclaim autocracy and progeny of God for himself and his family.The marble portrait of Augustus depicts an air of commandership with athletic perfection. His armour and angelic support (Cupid /son of Venus) on the side shows that he has been a significant ‘Imaginer’ by proclaiming association with God. His raised arm show how Augustus has been a leader and is followed by many in Rome. Simultaneously, his appearance and posture matches with ‘Spear- Bearer’ Statue. Therefore, he has youthful appearance and trim shaped body. Since Romans liked to show perfection with supernatural association, hence. this portrait contains Cupid holding onto Augustus side. Cupid is riding on a dolphin, which was a sign of his Navy. Therefore, this shows that his Naval army had supernatural aid. Since he also proclaimed that he is a descendent of God. thus, it was obvious to expect excellence in the statue as

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