Poverty in the united states

Compose a 1250 words assignment on the issue of poverty in the united states. The article in the journal is about the anti-poverty policy to reduce the poverty and take care of a single mother (Feminist Economics, 2011). The report of the newspaper is broader in perspective whereas the article in the journal focusing on a special case of resolving poverty in the USA considering a special class. i.e. single mother.Goldfarb in this article discusses the US policy about reducing the poverty rate in the country throughout the last 50 years. The article is based on the safety net program designed by the US government to prevent growth in the poverty rate. The article is being analyzed based on the following heads:Generally, the educated group of people in the US is the main reader of the Washington Post. Generally, people belong to upper, upper-middle and middle class, educated group of people who like to get updated knowledge about the government policy in the USA regarding various social, political, economic matters are the readers of this newspaper. The topic relates to the economy as well as government policy for the common people so that they can get enough knowledge about the function of the US government.The main objective of this paper to inform the common people about government policy regarding poverty management by the US government. It is also an evaluating paper that critically analyzes the government policy of poverty management like the safety net program and the performance of this program in the last 50 years’ time. It is critical as well as an informative report about poverty management by the US government for the common man.The article is mainly an economical review of a particular&nbsp.government process to inform the common man about government work regarding poverty management. The report is supported by other’s opinions as well regarding the topic which helps the readers to understand the matter from a broader perspective. The facts and figures, easy language, absence of economic terms are helpful for the common man to get an idea about the same.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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