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by | Mar 28, 2021 | Masters, Presentation

The assignment is to create a PowerPoint presentation on 3 research articles in developmental psychology I have been assigned one article by the professor which mainly discusses children at play from different cultural backgrounds (attached below you can also find this on google scholar) the main point of the assignment is to find 2 additional research articles that have the same theme of the assigned article which is mainly how infant and mother interactions from different cultural backgrounds differ in play interactions and really being able to tie all three articles together in the presentation.

Another main point of this assignment is being able to ask critical thinking questions as I will be presenting this to the class so I suggest separately writing about each article using the QUALMARI method (please let me know if you need more info on this) and then at the end each article presentation asking critical questions like ie; is the sample size large enough? What factors of the families cultural background affect there play interactions with the child? Etc.

There is no limit to slides but this is a 30 minute presentation on 3 research articles so I am assuming it will be a decent amount.

Suggestion – would be to look at the references of the articles I was assigned and see if there is anything remotely similar to this study so that it’ll be easier to tie them all together in one theme meaning what are all these articles helping me discover about mother-infant interactions from different cultural backgrounds.

Professor notes:

A QALMRI is a great place to start! For finding other articles, it’s helpful to think about what theme you want to tie your whole presentation together. What do you find most interesting about the Abels article?

Some other ideas for unifying themes might be:

What studies build on Abel et al.’s findings?
-Does later research bear out the findings?
-Contradictory findings?

-(Can look on Google Scholar for studies that cite this article)

· Connect to big issues in developmental psychology (nature vs. nuture, etc.)

· How do these playful interactions look like in other cultures?

· What do other types of play look like across cultures?

· What kind of outcomes (like language development, math, etc.) are supported by these interactions?


How Usual Is “Play As You Usually Would”? A Comparison of Naturalistic Mother-Infant Interactions with Videorecorded Play Sessions in Three Cultural Communities

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