For this project; you will be acting in the role of a probation officer who is responsible for creating a pre-sentence investigation report for an offender who has been found guilty or plead no contest for a crime. You may choose any offender presently or in the past to use in this project.

In the Presentence Investigation, you will include the demographics of the offender, a description of the crime, reason or motive for committing the crime, prior criminal record (including juvenile record if available), victim impact statements, the educational history of the offender, the military history of the offender, any treatment history of the offender, the personal and family history of the offender, health of the offender (including any substance abuse or mental health issues), financial status of the offender, living arrangements of the offender and a recommendation of sentencing to the court.

Attached you will find the Florida State Statutes on what should be included in a Pre-Sentence Investigation Report, two samples of a Pre-Sentence Investigation Reports (DS pages 9-17 and LM pages 1-7), a Sample Score sheet (two pages) and a Sample Template to help you record information before you write your report.

Please remember that you will need to have an APA Reference Page for the research you did on your offender and will need to include in-text citations in your narrative in the Pre-Sentence Investigation where appropriate.

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