Predictions about the future of media

by | Jan 12, 2021 | Communication, College (1-2), Discussion Post

With the speed of change in digital media, especially technology, it is difficult for most of us to imagine the future of media just 2-3 years from now, much less 30 years (as Nicholas Negroponte did in his 1984 talk).

Choose one of these TED Talks by experts who make (or made) predictions about the future of media. Be sure to watch the entire video (most are under 20 minutes).

TED Talks

“Social media and the end of gender”:

“The future of news? Virtual reality”:

“How the Internet will (one day) transform government”:

“How better tech could protect us from distraction”:

“Nicholas Negroponte: 5 predictions, from 1984”:

Identify something from the documentary that you didn’t know before or that you found interesting (work to be original here; do not echo previous posts).
What was new about this information (what did you think before) or what made it interesting?
How does this new or interesting information affect your life (directly or indirectly)–remember we live in a global society?
Explain what you think or how you feel about this potential effect.
Finally, reflect on the posts of two other students by replying to their posts.

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