The curriculum for infants and toddlers is interactive and informal, based on consistent and responsive caregiving. The first component of this assignment is to post pictures of your own infant/toddler book-one that you create yourself. You will have the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the academic and emotional needs of children 0-3 years old, particularly focused on the development of language skills. Your book will demonstrate your understanding of developmentally appropriate instructional materials, that is, materials and teacher-child interaction that develops language skills and emotional health.

the link above is showing an example of one.

The second component of this presentation is for you to create an activity that relates to the theme of your book. This activity should be targeted to one specific age level, between 0-3 years old, and reflect high-quality social interaction between you and your future students. In this component of your presentation you will address the social and emotional needs of young children with attention to their developmental needs. Please focus on one of the following age levels: 0-6 months, 6 months-1 years, 18 months-2 ½ years.

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