Presentation on any aspect of Orientalism

by | Dec 17, 2020 | College (3-4), Literature, Presentation

In-class Presentations (15 minutes)  of Projects.  All final projects must have a written component, a write up of the project, to be submitted alongside the presentation.

The idea for these final projects is to 1)  have you work on any aspect of Orientalism that you would like to delve into deeper and research it, coming up with primary materials (from art, literature, history, philosophy, film, photography — any humanities field) not already featured on the syllabus. This could take many different shapes, as below; it can even be creative, as long as you have done research to create it; and 2) to present your ideas, discoveries and findings to your fellow class mates in an in-class presentation and in written format. 

Whatever you do , there is both an oral component ie the in-class presentation, and a written one, ie a write up of your presentation (in the form of a description and analysis of your project), or a blog, website, a research paper, etc.   In both your presentation and your accompanying written version, you should stress what the interests of your researched materials are for our course, for the question of Orientalism as a developing and yet trans-historical phenomenon with varying shapes, modes, tropes and articulations. 

– put together a powerpoint presentation on a text / image and its context that fits well with the course and is not already represented on it

CAN NOT present on
-shakespeare’s Othello
-Lady Mary Wortley Montagu’s The Turkish Embassy Letters
-Edward Said’s Orientalism
-Aeschylus’ The Persians
-Dante’s Inferno
-Flaubert’s Flaubert in Egypt
-Burton’s The Arabian Nights
-Assa Djabar’s Women of Algiers in their apartment
-Malek Alloula’s The Colonial Harem
-Solmaz Sharif’s Look
-Pontecorvo’s The Battle of Algiers
-Michael Heneke’s Cache

Please make the presentation 15 min long.

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