Presentations – Community Health Facilitators

by | Jan 22, 2021 | College (3-4), Health Care, Presentation

Presentations – Community Health Facilitators: you will be responsible for a concise (10 minute) presentation on a pertinent public/community health topic. You will select a public/community health issue and will be responsible for conducting a discussion and problem-solving presentation using PowerPoint, Video Presentation and/or any other web tool to provide your presentation. You will post your presentation on the Discussion Board

To conduct this 10-minute session you will:

Present the Community Health Issue: You will present the community health issue with relevant facts, data and statistics. You may want to utilize video clips from news reports, power point slides or other materials to illustrate important concepts and/or use other creative methods.

Conduct the Discussion Session: The presentation should encourage your viewers to share their points of view about the problem/issue. Both sides of the issue should be discussed (if there are two sides). – Your classmate(s) will have to reply to your presentation on the discussion board.

Develop a Solution: You will provide a solution. This presentation will conclude with a solution that would hypothetically be agreeable to the majority of community members.

Provide Prevention Education: Include educational materials such as handouts, FAQs, etc., appropriate for the community you chose in order to support your solution to the community/public health issue. Include at least 2 references (with current dates of 2007 or above) from reputable sources.

Evaluation: You will be evaluated on the quality of;
1. Description of the community
2. Description of the health issue (data, stats, etc.)
3. Possible Solution(s)
4. Quality of the presentation and possible discussion session, (ex. Will I or your classmates be convinced that there is an issue and you have a solution).
5. Educational Material (Example of Factsheets, Web links, Brochures, etc.)
6. Post a reply to at least one other presentation posted in the Discussion Board, preferably one that has no replies.

Each presentation/discussion should be 10 minutes in length. This assignment is worth 25 points.

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