President Obama Propaganda

He is an important man who commands respect and yes, children will certainly be influenced by an official address by the President of the United States. Keeping children in school should be a goal for Democrats and Republicans alike and it is a shame that his attempt to encourage children to stay in school has been hijacked by conservatives in this country.

A sizable percentage of what seem to be otherwise normal Americans think Obama is a 1) Muslim, 2) foreigner, 3) socialist. Where did they get those ideas? Propaganda has been employed in various degrees of success by the right-wing reactionary conservative movement in the United States which has sought to portray President Obama as a socialist, a Muslim and a foreigner.

While detractors decry his attempts at implementing universal healthcare in this country as “socialism”, in fact President Obama is trying to promote equality and ensure that all Americans, regardless of race, social status or income, have access to the same levels of healthcare in this country.

Importantly, the President has recently gotten into trouble with Republicans and conservatives in this country as he tries to overhaul the lucrative American healthcare system and institute publically-funded healthcare throughout the United States. The conservative media has implemented a wide reaching campaign to discredit the President and they have been successful in a variety of regards. Referring to him as Barack “Hussein” Obama on television stations such as Fox TV, conservative broadcasters have done an excellent job portraying this President as something which he is not.

Importantly, this President is trying to make significant changes to American society and right wing analysts have tried their best to keep him down. Fortunately he remains a tireless advocate for the disadvantaged and remains the peoples’

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