TOPIC/SUBJECT: Preventative Mental Health
WORD COUNT: 600-750
Paragraph 1 – A compelling opening paragraph that grabs the reader interest and attention.

  • Paragraph 2 – Describe the issue/problem and why it is a problem (aka – inform them)
  • Paragraph 3 – Explain why they should care about the problem/issue (aka, in societal or community terms and personally, how it may affect them or people they care about…today or tomorrow – you’re persuading them).

*Paragraph 4 – Describe and explain one thing that can be done to solve the problem or issue (inform/persuade).

Note that in paragraphs 2, 3,and 4, just a single citation for each will suffice, create hyperlink text in your paragraph that takes the reader directly to your source. Continue to back up what you claim with data or study results.

  • Paragraph 5 is your conclusion: tell the readers what specific action that you want them to take…vote for a specific piece of legislation, write their congressman and offer a way of change.

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