Procedures of the law

Research paper on ,. Needs to be 6 pages. Another significant thing to know about the procedures of the law is that, the law is above everyone, and this is defined under the 14th amendment. It falls under the clause referred as the Equal Protection Clause. According to this clause, everyone must receive justice as stipulated by the law. In the movie, this clause is reflected when. Gideon appears before Abe Fortas to get an appellate.Abe Fortas applies this clause to illustrate that a common person needs a lawyer. Together with that, attorney’s rights are not in the statute. Amendment 6th and 14th defines attorneys’ rights. According to this statute, the court of law should provide a lawyer, in case the defendant is unable to hire one. Gideon fought for the right of getting a lawyer from the state. With the assistance from Abes Fortas, Gideon managed to petition to the Supreme Court, and the appeal was successful. He was to have another trial, and the state gave him a lawyer and he was innocent. Lastly, for fair judgment, there should be change venue. In the second trial, Gideon wished to have his trial in other venues in order to receive fair judgment from different people. This paper shall discuss “Gideon Trumpet” with a view of evaluating the right to counsel. First, the plot of the movie shall be discussed while giving thoughts and opinions about the plot.Clarence Earl Gideon is a five decades white citizens and he argues that his first trial was unjustified, since he was supposed to be given a lawyer, but an attorney was not signed for him. Gideon was quite certain he was denied his right and in retaliation, he petitioned in the Supreme Court. He wanted to know the conditions that necessitate one to have an attorney. Similarly, there is an on ongoing case about Betts vs. Brady, which is a 21 tears decision of the Supreme Court.

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