Processes and People in Engineering Industry

Submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Management of Processes and People in Engineering Industry. Unlike personnel management, Human Resources management treats employers as a resource rather than a replaceable asset.The basic functions of an HRM include strategic planning and organizing of HR policies and practices for attaining the goals of the organization and efficient staff positioning through recruitment and selection. HR operations also include planning for future HR needs, job analysis, training, and development of skills to ensure that the organization will get effective performance from its workforce. It also involves in motivating the employees by performance appraisal, job evaluation, etc. and maintaining a good relationship between the employees and the management. “An efficient Human Resources management is particularly concerned with all the activities that contribute to successfully attracting, developing, motivating, and maintaining a high-performance workforce that results in organizational success.” (Sims, 2002)An efficient HRM will pave the way for a successful business. This is one of the essential criteria that a business has to focus on in order to attain significant performance outcomes. In fact, HR gets interlinked with all the other aspects of an organization like finance, marketing, operations, and other management disciplines.Let us discuss the contribution of HR management for the success of the engineering business. An engineering industry primarily deals with manufacturing, designing, and operation of machines, devices, and technical services. So, effective management of its processes and people is a vital aspect of its efficient performance. The success of an engineering business is indeed dependable upon the performance of its employees. Recruiting, identifying, and developing skillful employees play a critical role in obtaining high performance for the business.The primary drive for the success of any engineering business is the optimum utilization of its resources.

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