Project 3: Random Acts of Kindness

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Assignment

Project 3: Random Acts of Kindness We hear a lot about random acts of violence. We are more likely to pay attention to the negative, unexpected events that happen than the mildly pleasant events that occur. We notice that things go wrong and don’t consider the number of times when things go according to plan. Consequently, we are likely to overestimate how often bad things occur. In this project you will commit three RANDOM acts of kindness. You will do something kind for someone else that requires you to go somewhat out of your way to do. They do not have to be around for someone to witness your act or to acknowledge what you have done. Examples are putting money in someone’s parking meter (be careful though – this is sometimes considered illegal), paying toll for the people behind you, etc… Or if you have an original idea then run it by me for approval. 

Remember: these should be random! Treating your significant other to a movie and date, or buying a round of drinks for everyone at the bar, are not random acts of kindness because you obviously have something to gain!

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