Compose a 2250 words essay on Project Management Practices, Methodologies, Tools, and Techniques Used In the Expansion Project. Needs to be plagiarism free!

This research will begin with the statement that the Custom Woodwork Company, established in 1954, is a medium-sized company specializing in producing custom furniture and cabinet making. The company gained the good reputation in the market and with its working over past few years. With the introduction of John Carpenter, company owner’s son, the company moved to subcontracting furniture installation and supplies to its customers. In 1989, following an increased demand for commercial furniture, the company decided to undertake expansion project for enlarging its facilities.

The company had two options available, either move to a new location or expand existing facilities to avoid any interruption. A plan for the company was developed for an earlier project and an improved plan has been proposed for completion of the project. In this report, project objectives. Scope of work, work breakdown structure, project network diagram has been examined and a Gantt chart has been formulated on the basis of information provided in the case study. The objectives that were decided as part of the project completion were thorough deliberated in hourly prolonged meetings between the executives of the company for a considerable duration of the project prior to the undertaking. However, it is suggested that a feasibility study prior to finalizing the project objectives would have been a better option to establish actual requirements.

Besides, rather than taking up a separate feasibility study this effort could have been made part of the project justification. The primary problem in finalizing the project objectives was that department heads and employees were not involved to actually figure out their requirements and how they perceived to be impacted by the project. It is important to note what type of expansion or up-gradation is expected in the facility to meet the growth requirements.

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