Project Management Report And Plan

Write an essay on Project Management Report And Plan. Paper must be at least 2000 words. The researcher states that Bloomsbury Hotels are regarded by its peers as an industry innovator and the standards that they set often become the industry-wide benchmark. The high level of brand loyalty has been based upon consistently high standards of facilities and service. For this reason, all Bloomsbury properties, adhere to a strict policy that is laid down in a Standard Operations Procedures Manual. This essay mentions that the hotel was opened in 1985 on a site in West London with easy access to the Underground network and Heathrow airport. The hotel is fully air-conditioned and has 15 floors. Since opening the Palgrave Hotel in 1985, the first five floors of the hotel have remained unaltered. Even though quality materials were used at the time, these 80 rooms are no longer to a Bloomsbury Hotels standard. The ‘eighties’ style decoration of bright colours and worn furnishings are a dramatic contrast to the upper ten renovated floors. The initial proposal is that a budget of 1,950,000 pounds will be required to complete this project. Detailed budgets for the whole project will be forwarded for approval to proceed, as laid down in the company’s S.O.P. The overall theme is based around the theme of ‘nature’ that will be expressed through the range of materials, colours and images. The five floors will therefore be imbued with a new coherence with regard to each other and the outside environment. The installation of the design and control of the project will be completed by the management of the Palgrave Hotel, London.

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