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by | Feb 23, 2021 | College (3-4), Cultural and Ethnic Studies

Assignment should be typed in 12-point font and submitted via CourseDen by the due date. Answer each section of the assignment thoroughly. Be mindful of racial and cultural stereotyping. Your answers should be supported by research. Make sure you cite your sources using AMA guidelines for citations.

Part 1: Assessment

Identify an ethnic/racial group living in the United States for your project. Try to be specific with age/gender/life stage. For example, instead of “Latin Americans” you could focus on pregnant Mexican American women or first generation Mexican Americans, etc. However, do not be so specific that you are unable to find research to support your project.

1. Ethnic/racial identity: Discuss the current demographics of this group. What is the socio-economic status? Explore their world view. Is there a religion commonly practiced?
2. Health beliefs and practices: What is the value on health and how is it viewed? To what extent are traditional healing practices used? Does this group experience barriers to receiving healthcare or to eating a nutritious diet? If so, what are they?
3. Communication: What is the communication style? Include both verbal and nonverbal.
4. Diet and nutrition status: Review traditional and contemporary diets and discuss nutrition concerns for this group.

Part 2: Problem and Intervention

1. Identify a nutrition-related problem that is high risk for this group. Use health data to identify a health problem your project will address.
2. Describe in detail your plan for nutrition intervention (nutrition education, counselling, cooking classes or some other form of health promotion), the methods that you will use, how you will implement culturally competent strategies and how you will build on the strength of the members of this culture. Explain the rationale for selecting these methods.
2. State your desired outcomes of the project and how you will measure the effectiveness of the project.

Part 3: References

List all of your references in AMA format.
For help on how to site references:

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