Promotional products

by | Oct 15, 2021 | Assignment

Let’s explore how promotional products support branding to a consumer.Look around your home for an item that has a company’s logo on it. This could be a cup, shirt, pen, bag or any other item that has a company’s logo on it. These are promotional products. Describe the item. Where did you receive the item ? Did you purchase a product from this company? Is the company trying to earn your business? Do you utilize the item? How long have you had the promotional item? Is impactful for you to remember the item and will you remember the brand/logo ongoing?Next, go to this website and look at the various items available:!4167!3!146294759485!e!!g!!4imprint&ef_id=V9sjQwAAAQYZx-SZ:20161018040033:sWhat item do would you most like to receive and why? Was this item effective? Does it persuade you to trust the brand? Why or why not?

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