Objective: Most people in the Unites States receive more protein than they need. This is not surprising considering the abundance of food eaten and the central role that meats hold in the American diet. For this assignment, you will identify your sources of protein, and calculate the total amount of protein you consumed.

Select one of your 24-hour food diary/journals records. Complete the table below in order to calculate your total protein intake (in grams) for this one day. Use the column or table format (shown below) to help you organize and record the protein-containing foods you consumed, along with the amounts for each. Note: To calculate your total protein intake (in grams) simply use this formula: multiply the number of servings you ate from each food group by the estimated protein content.

Need help with estimating your protein serving sizes, use this link:


Estimate Your Protein Intake

Food Groups/ # of Servings You Consumed Protein per Serving Your Totals

Grains 3 grams/serving
Vegetables 2 grams/serving
Fruit 0 grams/serving
Milk & Dairy 8 grams/servings
Meat, poultry fish,
beans, eggs, nuts 7 grams/serving
Oils, fats, added sugar 0 grams/serving

Your total protein–>

Analysis Questions:

1. How does your protein intake compare to the RDA of 46 grams for women and 58 grams for men? Based on what you have learned from Chapter 6, did you consume enough, too little or too much protein?

2. What foods were the major contributors toward your protein intake on this day? Is this typical?

3. Do you have any concerns about these sources of protein, in terms of how these foods may impact your overall health in the long-term. Example: steak is high in protein but also high in saturated fat.

4. Identify the protein foods you consumed as either high quality and complete, incomplete, or complementary?

5. How often do you select plant-based protein foods over animal sources? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both protein sources?

Grading Rubric:

Estimating Protein Intake Chart (5 pts): includes number of servings with correct calculation of grams, along with Total Grams

Analysis Questions – (1 pt) – thoughtful and complete responses; proper grammar & spell checked. No credit for one word response.

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