Psychological disorder diagnosis

Chapter 15 Discussion Read the following case study of a fictitious person suffering from a mental illness. Sarah is a 30 year old white female. Her occupation is part time chef. She is recently been divorced and has custody of her three children. She has extreme changes in her mood that began to appear in her 20’s but she never went to see a doctor about them. When family tries to talk to her about her upset, she reacts by becoming angry and blaming them for her situation. She is currently complaining of crying episodes, not eating, headaches, thinking she is a failure, spending most of her time in bed, and not being interested in activities she once enjoyed doing with her kids, such as going to the park and seeing movies. Her mother and grandfather also showed signs of mental illness and she reported that her mom has taken Depakote before, which helped. Sarah wants to open her own restaurant and move to a bigger house.

  1. Please answer the following questions by referring to the above case study and the assigned reading for this unit:
    • What psychological and physical symptoms does Sarah present with?
    • What is the primary psychological disorder diagnosis that fits her symptoms based on the disorders described in the textbook?
  2. It has been long believed that stressful life events can trigger depression or psychological problems. o Have you experienced a stressful life event that could have or did trigger depression or other psychological problem? If so, how did you cope?

Be sure to see the “Discussion Board Information’ folder for posting examples and the grading rubric for discussion assignments covering chapters 4 -16 in this course. I will guide you through detailed feedback as you work through your understanding of using academic writing in APA format. Do NOT be discouraged. This process will help to prepare you for writing your research (term) paper Make sure to answer each prompt above. Often a discussion board will have two or three prompts.

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