Psychotherapy and depression

In Essay 1, you are going to demonstrate your APA formatting skills. Attached is a student’s paper in which the student reviews two articles on the topic of psychotherapy and depression. Download the student’s paper and open it on your computer. You should immediately notice that this student has not followed APA 6th edition formatting guidelines. For this assignment, I want you to fix this student’s paper to ensure that it conforms to APA 6th edition guidelines. Once you have completed formatting the paper, upload it to Blackboard. Your grade on this assignment is based entirely on formatting, not content.(Note that the student has not provided the necessary information in her references. You will need to look up these articles in the PsycINFO database in order to retrieve the necessary information). First, you will need to create a title page. Make sure the title page includes a running head (with the words “Running head:” – note that the “h” is lower-case – appearing only on the first page), a meaningful title (not “Essay 2”), the student’s name, and the university’s name. Do not include an author’s note. Make sure the title is in title-case with all words four letters or longer capitalized. [25 points] Second, you will need to format the main body of the article. The article should begin on a new page. The title should appear in title-case centered at the top of the page (not in bold). Every paragraph should be indented, and there should be no extra spaces between paragraphs. Everything should be double-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman font. [25 points] Third, you will need to add proper in-text citations to the two middle paragraphs. In the paper, the student writes, “In the first article, the authors conducted…” You will need to insert a proper in-text citation in both of these instances including the authors’ last names and the date. Do not include the authors’ first names or first initials, and do not include the title of the article. [25 points] Finally, you will create a properly-formatted references page. The references should begin on a new page. The word “References” should be centered at the top of the page (not in bold, underline, or quotation marks). Everything should be double-spaced. References should use hanging indents. Make sure the actual references are properly formatted. [25 points

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