Public Broadcasting

by | Jan 7, 2021 | College (1-2), Communication

Since its official creation in 1967, public broadcasting has been the source of much national debate. Public television and public radio stations were created to serve as alternatives to commercial stations. As such, they were not expected to carry the most popular programming; instead their missions center around education and enlightenment. Link-

For this post, please watch AT LEAST 30 minutes of programming from public television (in Georgia, this is GPB—on most systems or at Be sure to watch the beginning and end of the show so your viewing includes the “underwriters” or sponsor spots that usually air at the beginning and end of a program.

Identify and describe the program that you watched (program title, main characters, plot, what time/day it aired).
Would you consider this program to be an “alternative” to commercial television? If so, how was it different from commercial television? If not, how was it the same?

Has public television ever affected your life? Explain. And how much would you personally be willing to contribute each year to keep public television on the air? ($0.00? $0.50? $5.00? $30.00? $1,000.00? etc.)
Take a position about whether or not you think public television stations should receive any federal monetary support. Explain and defend your position (be specific and original).
Finally, reflect on the posts of two other students by replying to their posts.
As always, cite all the information you use from an outside source (whether a direct quote or not). Put direct quotes from outside sources into quotation marks. Check your posts for spelling and grammar errors.

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