Public health campaign

In this assignment, you will work to create a public health campaign that seeks to end a socially-determined health disparity. You will create a campaign to educate the public about the prevalence of this health problem within this population, its causes, the social conditions that contribute to this health disparity, and actions steps that we can take to reduce this health disparity. Your actions steps must discuss the social determinants of this health disparity. Your item will focus on reducing or ending the social determinants (substandard housing, toxic waste, low-wage jobs, income inequality, etc.) of your particular health disparity. Think about your audience as you create your material. Are you targeting the population affected by this disparity, or is your material directed at a general audience and the actions they can take to end this problem?

Choose a healthy disparity from the list below to focus on:  Native American smoking rates Poor health status (physical, mental, emotional) among veterans Childhood obesity among U.S. Latinos Motor vehicle accident death rates in rural communities Traumatic brain injuries among people experiencing homelessness Depression in women Suicide rates among LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered) adolescents Binge drinking among college students under the age of 24. Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) among African American adults  Or choose your own from the CDC Health Disparity Report: Fact Sheet CDC Health Disparities1) Create a pamphlet. It needs to have the basic facts about your health disparity (its causes, rates, effects on the community, individual and socially determined causes). Your pamphlet should have solutions that discuss the social determinants of your health disparity. A typical pamphlet layout is a 2-sided (2 paged) tri-fold. You can access a pamphlet template using Publisher if you are on a PC (use the brochure template) or Word templates if you are using a Mac. Please submit a PDF version of what you create. Use bulleted points, charts, tables, or graphs. Pamphlets usually have photos, pictures, and graphics. If there is not room for your bibliography on your pamphlet, then please attach a separate sheet of bibliographic references.

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