Public-private partnership

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Assignment

Instructions: Students will participate in the discussion and answer the question(s) provided in the current event topic

Current Event 1

This week’s lesson focuses on the public-private partnership.  One of those partnerships is a Design-Build partnership where public agency contracts with a private partner to provide both design and construction of a public project. Often times this partnership works very well, however, that is not always the case. About ten years ago California embarked on the largest project in its history, the High-Speed Rail, a bullet train that would connect Southern California to Northern California. Ten years later, many people believe the public agency relied too heavily on private consultants. There have been numerous coverages regarding this topic. Please read the LA Times story: ( and share your thoughts.

Current Event 2

Space Travel

Space exploration and research has led to some amazing technologies being discovered; as well as some amazing human achievements.  But, it is one of the first things we look to cut when doing budget negotiations, since it does not really affect many peoples live directly.  NASA partnerships with SpaceX and Boeing are allowing space exploration to continue during these times of fiscal uncertainty.

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