Public speaking class research paper

Topic;—> The United States federal government and/or a coalition of governments should substantially increase its non-military exploration of and commercial development of the Earth’s oceans.

The assigned speech asks that you handle a complex topic with a lot of available information
•This speech is driven by the research. You must deal with a lot of information and make decisions on what to do with what you find

•Organization is a key. The first half of the speech will be informative so that you
•Assume that your audience does not know anything about the topic. Since the topic is given to you, you will need to focus on what aspect of the topic you want to focus on.
•The rules are simple
•If your topic says you are for something, you must be for it.
•If your topic states you are against something, you must be against it.
•How you personally feel about the topic is irrelevant – this is an academic exercise. By taking the side you are given, you are not committing to anything – you are merely presenting a researched topic
•If your topic is neutral, you can choose any side that you want.
•This can be any kind of speech that you want – informative, persuasive, Storytelling, entertainment, etc.
Let the research guide your approach to the topic and help you decide what approach you will take

•Start with general information – use Almanacs, Encyclopedias, Data bases, and Wikipedia are good places to start.
•However, Wikipedia can be used to learn the language of the topic and find credible sources that are included.
•Decide what aspect of the topic you will focus on

•You cannot present the entire topic in 6 minutes, you will have to select one part of the topic to present.

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