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public speaking discussion post; please reply to to following individually. (at least 100 word response if not more)

Tuesday Discussion A WEEK 12
1.) The role of emotion in persuasive speaking: We live in a society inundated by emotional appeal. From the fabricated drama of TV, advertising and movies to the dramatic appeals of the way news is reported and sports are framed, we have come to expect emotional involvement. Emotion plays a role in persuasive speaking. It is however, not a substitute for logic, reason and organization. In what ways can you include appropriate pathos in your speech without sacrificing content and sound argumentation?

2.) Thursday Discussion D Week 12
Our brains are difference engines. We constantly compare what we know to something that we do not know. This is done mostly through Metaphors/similes and analogies. Reasoning by analogies then is an important part of the persuasive arsenal of a speaker. Define either literal or figurative analogies. Give an example and discuss what value an analogous line of reasoning has for your audience.

3.)Sunday Discussion E Required WEEK 12: you pick which question to respond to@bottom —>

At the website, watch the film clip from movie Amistad entitled “ John Quincy Adams addresses the US Supreme Court”. The setting is a persuasive presentation before the Supreme Court by former President John Quincy Adams. The case is a “plain property case” where a group of west African slaves, captured and placed on a Spanish slave-trading ship mutiny and end up in Providence Rhode Island, harbor. Arrested and jailed Queen Isabella, an 11 year old who is Queen of Spain asks for the return of her property.

In a lower court and an US district court the Africans have been set free. The US President at that time, Martin van Buren, keeps appealing the decision so that the case appears before the Supreme Court while the Africans remain in jail. The Africa’s lawyer, Mr. Baldwin, asks the John Quincy Adams help him out and argue the case before the Supreme Court. Adams, recognizing that the Court consists of 7 southern judges and 2 northern judge recognizes they will naturally lean toward the President’s appeal on behalf of the Spanish court. One other thing of note is that John Calhoun was the Vice President under Adams. Adams makes a series of arguments that address various aspects of the case. Select one of the following arguments/themes and write a response analyzing what the arguments are, how they connect to the overall case and if you feel they are effective rating them form 1-10, 10 being highly effective.

you pick which question to respond to —>
1.) Reframing: Adams reframes the case and the roles of the people involved in the case.

2.) Appeals to standards: Adams uses the Executive Review, the Declaration of Independence to persuade.

3.) Cross Cultural linking: Adams links American Culture to The Mende culture.

4.) The President plays: Adams connects the President of the United States, who has appointed a number of the Supreme Court Justices, to the actions of an 11 year old playing with dolls.

5.) Ethos: Adams uses his ethos as a former president, old wise man, respected leader and experienced politician to great effect.

6.) People: Adams uses people that we admire and rely on to persuade.

7.) Symbolic gestures: Adams uses some symbolic gestures to create significant impact.

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