Publix Nordstrom

Publix Nordstrom Levi Strauss & Co What is their mission statement? What is their target market? What are their core competencies? What are their competitive priorities What are the order winners? Describe how operational decisions have been used to support their strategy Be sure to mention and discuss newsworthy information on changes that they are making to their operations strategy.  An example of this for Nordstrom might be to discuss their implementation of technology to track customers in their stores via their smartphones. *Due to the nature of this assignment you may also source the company’s website for some of this information.Running head: LEVI STRAUSS & CO 1 Levi Strauss & CoStudent’s name:Institutional affiliation: LEVI STRAUSS & CO 2Levi Strauss & Co Levi Strauss & Co. is one of the privately…

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