Pure human resource

Compose a 3250 words assignment on pure human resource: case study harley davidson co. With many innovative design and products, the company launched a number of models to attract and increase in customer bases around the globe. In a very short span of time, the company started selling in many countries and to defense sector in particular. The company reaped huge profits during World War One and World War two as over 90,000 motor cycles made by the company were sold and made record levels for excellence performance. After the war, the company, shifted to manufacturing traveler bikes as well.With an intention to promote and inspire the employees at Harley Davidson, the HR management of the company has developed a new operating structure which will divide the employees into three main teamsProcess operating groups – this consists of representatives from every work group. There are four types of process operating groups at Harley Davidson which overlooks the four process departments of the company – paint, assembly, fabrication, and engine productionPlant leadership group – this group consists of 14 members, that are accountable for leading the plant. which consists of the plant manager, members of the process groups, workforce presidents, four elected representatives from the process groups, six admin people and maintenance representatives.The company believes in a non-hierarchical, and team based configuration in a bid to optimize worker performance and increase their learning and development skills along with their motivational levels. The company structure is based on a fundamental that supports a system for continuous development and career growth of an employee that are achieved through team-based efforts that identify waste, costs and quality. The company offers flexibility in the sense that the above mentioned groups or employee circles shift as per the needs of the system.

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