Quality and safety competencies for all BSN nurses

by | Mar 28, 2021 | Essay, Masters, Nursing

  1. Choose and define a topic based on 1 or more of the quality and safety competencies for all BSN nurses: (Use a definition from the book or AHRQ.gov)
    Patient-Centered Care
    Teamwork and Collaboration
    Evidence-Based Practice
    Quality Improvement
  2. Read Chapter 23 in textbook (or slides) and explain how 2 of the 14 Quality Management principles (Deming, 1986) could apply to nursing practice (See p.555 – Display 23.6)
  3. Identify a nursing practice issue that could be improved with a new policy or new equipment or a new approach to care.
  4. Describe your reasons – Why do you think (critical thinking) this change to nursing practice would improve quality and/ or patient safety.
  5. Use APA format, use citations, and include a reference to your textbook, at least 1 website, and at least one recent nursing article (2012- present.

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