Quality Management and Continuous Improvement

Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Quality Management and Continuous Improvement Uni 5 DB SA Second Week.Dell will rather encourage other companies if a positive feedback is recorded from the system.It is quite depressing to hear that people entrusted with taking care of public funds are the same ones who fraud the resources. The implementation of JIT principle during day to day operation of institutions is good news to taxpayers. Implementing the JIT principles in corrupt institutions is important. The employees who are reluctant and not receptive to the processes need to be audited since they sense ill motives. Implementation of the principle need to be monitored and evaluate based on their performance. Assuming the impacts are welcoming, regulations need to be passed in favor of the system. From the JIT literature I propose the principle to be used in almost every institution. Ones the implementations of JIT are done the issue of money laundering will be a thing of the

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