Quantitative Analysis of Fat in Chips

Module 9: Quantitative Analysis of Fat in Chips

The experiment in this module will show how the fat in potato chips can be extracted in order for us to quantify how much fat is in the chips, by mass. We will also observe from this lab how the amount of fat in chips is different from the % Daily Value we see on food labels.

Module 9 Objectives

1. Learners will calculate the percentage of fat and efficiency of extraction of two different types of potato chips. (CCO #8)

2. Learners will acquire accurate information from nutrition facts labels. (CCO #7)

3. Learners will use an electronic balance to gather data. (CCO #2)

4. Learners will extract the fat by separating it from the chips. (CCO #4)

5. Learners will discuss the health implications of fat consumption. (CCO #9)

6. Learners will record their data, observations, and results on the Data Collection and Results Pages. (CCO #11)

What to do ?

1. Review “Introduction&Procedure” pdf

2. Complete “102 Expt 09 Data and Results Pages.pdf”

3. Watch the video: https://youtu.be/ui4y-SwU5QE

4. Complete “M9 Post_Lab Assignment .docx

Name __________________________

Module 9

Post-Lab Assignment

Short Answer (30 points)

Answer the following questions based on material covered in this module. (5 points each.)

(You must use complete sentences when answering each question.

1-point deduction per question not answered in complete sentences.)

1) What types of information can you get from a food nutrition facts label?

2) Explain what the term “efficiency of extraction” means. As always, be sure to use your own words. Look up “efficiency” in your dictionary if you don’t know what it means. Finally, draw a conclusion as to the meaning of the extraction results.

3) Discuss the need for Baked Lays as an alternative to Regular Lays.

4) Olestra was once a very common additive to fat-free potato chips. This allowed the chips to still taste good without the fat. Look up Olestra. Using your own words – What is it exactly? Why is it no longer used as much as it used to be? Be sure to give the reference(s) for where you found your information.

5) During the extraction of the fat from the chips, what would happen to the experimental % fat results if chips were accidentally sucked up into the glass pipet and transferred to the flask for boiling? (Would the % fat results be too high or too low?) Explain.

6) Based on your results, draw a conclusion as to whether the experimental percent fat is as expected for each of the two types of Lays. If there is a significant discrepancy, provide a possible error. (Think about the theoretical % fat.)

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