QuickSort algorithm

Code the QuickSort algorithm in which the pivot is always chosen as the first element in the inputsequence; then its randomized version RandQuickSort in which each time the pivot is chosenrandomly among the input numbers. You need to output (1) the resulting sorted sequence (in oneline), and (2) how many comparisons between the input elements you made, in each algorithm.Test your algorithms on the input sequence of 10,000 numbers in which the first element is10,000, and the rest are from 1 to 9,999 in increasing orderI want the answer in C++ language.I also want the source code along with output and along with number of comparisons in detailed answer format in text file.As I have to submit this answer in text file.I dont have any software for the code to run.Kindly let me know what to install in windows 64 bit machine for source code to run.I have ubuntu installed but forgot the password.So cant run on it

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