Rally’s cost

The application assessment consists of six short answer questions. All work must be neat, detailed and clearly labeled. Final answers should be identified by either circling or underlining. Submit your work to the appropriate drop box as a Microsoft Word or PDF document.

1. Math Tutors charges $21 per hour for tutors. The tutors are paid $12 per hour. If Math Tutors has 30 tutors, each working a 30-hour week, how much profit did the company make last week?

2. An electrician starts off the day with 600 feet of copper wiring on his truck. During the course of the day he uses pieces 100, 82, 25, and 40 feet long. The next day, he purchases another 400 feet and puts it on his truck and later in the day uses pieces of 41, 39, and 44 feet long. How many feet of wiring are still on the truck at the end of the second day?

3. A driveway requires 4 2/3 truckloads of gravel. If a truck holds 3 1/3 cubic yards of gravel, how many total cubic yards of gravel are used for the foundation?

4. A board is 7 3/4 feet in length. How many full sizes pieces of board 1 1/3 feet in length can a carpenter cut from that board of wood?

5. On a business trip Bob traveled 245.22 miles. If gasoline was $2.87 per gallon and the car averaged 25.3 miles per gallon, determine the cost of the trip. (Round to the nearest cent)

6. Rally sold 30 flower baskets at a market. She purchased 30 baskets for $142.65, 185 yards of ribbon for $.07 per yard, and $252.50 of assorted flowers. a. What was Rally’s cost per basket? b. What was Rally’s profit if she sold all the baskets for $25.99 each?

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