Ray’s Cherry Hut

Ray’s Cherry HutYour consulting reputation is spreading and now Ray has engaged you to optimize his situation since the unpredicted weather event.Ray’s Cherry Hut produces its own private label cherry jelly when the cherries are harvested. Some of the cherries were damage during the recent hailstorm. Cherries that were damaged are Grade C. The highest-quality cherries are Grade A. The two main quality considerations are the tartness and clarity. The hail-damaged cherries are much cheaper, but because of the bruises, these result in cloudy jelly. The cost per pail of the cherries are $0.50 and $0.18 for Grade A and Grade C, respectively. The tartness and clarity are as follows:Grade                                    Tartness                               Clarity  A                                         11.0                                       1.0  C                                          9.0                                         3.0The jelly must have a tartness rating between 10.0 and 10.5. The maximum clarity rating is 1.9. The yield of jelly is one 8-ounce jar for each pail. An 8 ounce jar sells for $1.59. Assume that more than enough of each grade of cherries is available for purchase. What is the best way to blend the a standard 8 ounce jar?

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