Re-writing a Creative Writing piece

Write an article on Re-writing a Creative Writing piece. It needs to be at least 1250 words. She entered the postgraduate door and nodded to greet the porter who was still on the telephone but was courteous enough to nod back. After checking for mail she turned towards the library, her head full of the dreaming spires and grey skies of Oxford.The hushed atmosphere of the library was like a second home. Mohamed searched his usual furrow of bookshelves, selecting a complete works of Shakespeare, a very large English/Arabic dictionary and the post-colonial journal that he was currently working his way through. He went back to the table where he left his briefcase, passing by the section for women’s studies.The hours passed just like minutes and when the college clock struck eleven, Mohamed retired to the prayer room. As he passed by the common room on the way back, he saw Alice beaming and showing a glint in her blue eyes.“Yes, but it is our culture. Our women do not feel that it’s unfair. Besides, Islam allows us to have four wives at the most. Usually, we can afford only one. But our society is compassionate. Children are born into a loving home with all that they need. The men do not need to go astray because they always have a woman at home for, for…”“Yes, of course. And there are things that I find hard to understand. Sometimes I just don’t get what men are all about. Strange, isn’t it? We both come from far places to seek knowledge in this ancient place.”As I reviewed the article, particularly the dialogue, while taking consideration of the feedbacks gathered, I realized that there was a tendency for the two characters to indeed sound like the other. This was expected if the writer does not put himself into each character’s distinct natures. This could also be the reason why a reader would think that the dialogue sounds too formal or scripted.

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