Read Aloud Lesson/Activity

by | Jan 16, 2021 | College (1-2), Course Work, Education

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Please follow the posted lesson plan format and create a written lesson plan for your Read Aloud lesson/activity, posted last week. Make sure to include the 2 preschool language arts curriculum standards, 1 that is related to development of phonemic awareness and 1 other language arts standard, to align with your instruction. Include the vocabulary instruction and the phonemic awareness development related to the letter you focused on in last week’s presentation.

Add a Music/Movement curriculum standard and incorporate music/movement instruction or other active learning strategy, where children are moving and interactively participating in their instruction. This will be the last steps in your procedure of your written lesson plan.

Perhaps you will teach a fingerplay related to the concept in your book. Maybe you prefer to teach a short movement activity related to the story. You may want to develop a game where children are actively participating in an organized way. Whatever activity you decide, you will be integrating Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences as soon as you attend to the varied ways that children learn. Music and movement, along with active engagement, align with all the following diverse learners’ needs:

Moving forward-all lessons should incorporate interactive activities, role play, puppetry, and/or music and movement.
The attached file is an example of the assignment

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