Reading and write

Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Reading and write.Other scholars argue that, focus on population should rest upon the government, and its role will be to plan, and regulate the human reproductive activities (Weeks, 9).The media plays a role in this debate. It highlights circumstances where there is environmental degradation, and relates the situation to destructive activities of mankind. This is because man is looking for new habitats, and to get them, he has to clear forests or interfere with water catchment areas. The media equates this to a rise in population. This paper seeks to explain what this debate is about, and what it means. This paper explains where the main focus should be on, and the reasons. It has a concluder, which highlights the harmful effects of technological innovations as opposed to population growth.The last 100 years has seen a growth in population, due to technological innovations in medicine and agriculture (Weeks, 31). The rise in population is also as a result of an improvement on the living conditions of mankind brought about by the industrial revolution. This saw a degradation of the environment, in search of raw materials to satisfy the various industries in Europe.On this note, the environment population debate is an argument on the role of the population growth in the destruction of the natural resources. These resources are either minerals, fuels, forests, lakes and rivers, or even the climate. The debate takes place in two levels, the macro level, and the micro level (Weeks, 27).The Macro involves large units of analysis, such as the state, the region and the globe. This debate focuses on the role of governments and multi-national corporations in regard to protecting the environment (Weeks, 29). For instance, large companies in China, for purposes of making profits, they increase the emission of carbon in the air, causing the destruction of the ozone layer.On this

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