Reading and Writing Technical Documents

ENGL 250 — Research and Writing II Week 2 Reading and Writing Technical Documents Essay Assignment
This Assessment is part of the Essay category, worth 10% of your grade.

Completing this Assessment will help you to meet the following:

Course Outcome

  • Develop strategies to become a more effective reader and writer of technical documents.


You are preparing for a debate. Your debate topic can be on one of the following: A controversial issue in your career field, a controversial issue that interests you in the world, or the specific issue of doctor-assisted suicide, otherwise known as Euthanasia.

Using your information literacy skills find at least two supporting articles to support your thesis and debate. You will compose an essay of at least 350 words addressing the following prompts:

  • After reading each article, summarize and describe how they will support your position.
  • Explain your search process for selecting the articles, as well as the credibility of information you’ve chosen and/or the credibly of author(s).
  • Conclude with a compelling closing argument on your position.

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