Red Tails (Movie)

Submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Red Tails (Movie).To understand the essence of the film, it is important to know the pre-history of African nation. The decades of slavery and racial segregation in the South of the United States created a political system, which was characterized by the dominance of white. Black people were not allowed to participate in elections. The existed laws (Jim Crow laws) announced that they could not study in schools and universities, together with white, as well as to take a designated place for them in the public transport, and so forth. Many shops, restaurants and hotels refused to serve blacks.Viewing all these peculiarities, the content of the film becomes very clear. It tells about the events of World War II, in which America suffered losses. Although the government of the USA did not consider African-American to be the good pilots, it inserted a new Tuskegee program, which aimed to prepare them to serve in the American Air Forces and participate in the fight in Italy. The group of new pilots, headed by Captain Martin try to prove their right to fight for their new country. They understand that it is impossible to combat the Luftwaffe and face the racial injury. The conflict in the movie appears between the roommates and two friends-pilots, Easy and Lightening, who both fight with their inner contradictions. A good example of the racial segregation can be observed in the scene, where Lightening comes to the officer’s bar and hears that the place is for white only. He returns to the bar to pinch the person, who offended him and as a result gets grew from Colonel Bullard, who was the one, who noticed the disadvantage of the previous battle-planes and brought the first success to the fight with the Luftwaffe. The fates of some heroes have a tragic end. Lightening dies, though his friend Easy overcomes his problem with alcohol. The task of the government is achieved in having the strong, ambitious army,

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