Reflection Paper – ASQ

by | Aug 10, 2020 | Reflection Paper

Reflection Paper/Reflection Essay – ASQ

One age appropriate ASQ is to be completed (This is done and attached in documents below. Information was compiled from an assessment of a 24 month old). After reviewing this document, a 2-page reflection (APA style ) is to be completed discussing your findings from the ASQ on the 24 month old (2 year old). And use 1-2 research articles for this ASQ reflection to support the information – aka validate the findings documented in the ASQ evaluation of the 24 month old – (please note that PsycInfo and PsycArticles are excellent databases for educational articles – or simply good scholar research articles are okay). Just reflecting on if the findings are normal or abnormal and what research articles discuss pertaining to these findings. Make sure to focus on the overall score for each section of the ASQ. Note, per the rubric, the articles must be within 5 years (published between 2015-2020).

Content: Comprehensive review of topic of a 24 month old incorporating ASQ information (document attached) and overall score for each section of the ASQ. Discuss interventions and implications of scores (including follow-up services/referrals that may be utilized) specifically for this 24 month old.

Attached: (1) Rubric (but priority information is listed above, other grading points are on spelling, and formatting)

(2) 23 mos ASQ Document – information reviewing and reflecting on along with 2 research articles

Please use in-text citations and put works cited at the end.

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